Learning from Experts

This year at the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS), Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) hosted some great speakers who are experts in their field. These experts shared with attendees at Publishers’ Insitute: Expanding Your Reach some valuable information.

I am going to share with you a small sampling of nuggets from these speakers.

Publishers’ Institute’s first speaker was Bill Nienhaus from Logos Bible Software. He talked about Logos Bible Software’s Digital Publishing Platform and he shared the following with attendees:

Technology is changing so rapidly that today, we, at Logos, are implementing new programs that we were not even thinking about six months ago. It’s not so much about which digital format to use, as it is about using the right digital format for the customer base you want to reach.

The second speaker, Jessica Quinn, a publicist spoke on “What a Publicist Can Do for Your Book.” She shared:

It’s all about relationships. Media personnel book interviews with people that will bring a guest who will interview well. Often it is the existing relationship between the publicist and the producer that gets your author in the door for an interview.

The last speaker at the seminar was me, Sarah Bolme, Director of Christian Small Publishers  Association (CSPA). I shared:

eBook sales were 9% of all book sales in 2010. They have grown to 19% of all book sales thus far this year for 2011. Predictions that ebook sales will reach 25% of all book sales in 2012 appear to be on target. The digital world is driving many new trends in marketing and publishing.

The complete audio version of Publishers’ Institute: Expanding Your Reach is now available as an audio download for those publishers and authors who were not able to attend the seminar but would like access to the useful information that was shared.  You can purchase the audio version for $16 on Christian Small Publishers Association’s website and listen to the complete seminar.

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