September is Read-A-New-Book Month

September is Read-A-New-Book Month! Each September, I share about a book I have read to commemorate reading a new book.

I just finished reading Class Act: Sell More Books Through School and Library Author Appearances. This is a new book by Barbara Techel. Barabara owns her own publishing company, Joyful Paw Prints Press, LLC, and publishes her own books.

Barbara choose to write Class Act to share what she has learned from her own experience in finding, booking, and conducting author appearances. I found her desire to share what she has learned with other authors very similar to my own reason for writing Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace. As Barbara says, “Someone should benefit from all my hard work.”

Barbara has written a very informative book. She covers every aspect of finding, booking, confirming, and conducting an author appearance at a school or library. The first part of the book spends time talking about the author’s actual presentation. Speaker fees, book orders, and even examples of forms to use are all included in the book. Additionally, Barbara includes pointers and tips from other authors who regularly speak to promote their books.

If you are an author wanting to break into speaking at schools or libraries, this book is a valuable resource. It is a quick read that will help you be prepared so you won’t make as many painful “newbie” mistakes.

However, be warned. This book will not get you speaking engagements. Finding speaking engagements still takes effort and time. As Barbara writes in Class Act, “You can’t do everything from behind a computer or flyer. You must get out there and do some old-fashioned networking to make a name for yourself.” Fortunately, this book will give you the tools so you can do that with confidence.

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