A Marketing Strategy that Works

I recently read an article on having a “marketing mindset” by Bob Negen of Whizbang! Training. In the article Bob says:

In fact, if your sales slow down, take a look at your marketing activity. Chances are it has slowed down, too.

It’s extremely rare that you’ll find a single marketing strategy to keep your business flourishing. More often, it’s the sum of lots of small marketing efforts that pay off big time. And if you stop generating marketing activity, your sales will slowly dwindle.

Are your sales dwindling? Are you having difficulty generating sales?

If so, I urge you to take Bob’s advice. Examine your marketing efforts. What are you currently doing? What more can you do?

It is truly the sum of lots of small marketing efforts that pay off. One advertisement, displaying your book at one trade-show, finding a blog to review your book, winning an award, or even just having a Facebook page, each one is not enough. No one thing will generate the sales you want. You must do all these and more to keep people buying your books.

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