Could Your Book Use a Publicist?

How much does a publicist cost?

This is a question that I frequently field. New publishers and self-publishers are often astonished when they hear the price a good publicist will charge. Many small publishers do not have the funds in their marketing budget that are required to hire a publicist.

At CSPA’s recent seminar, Publishers’ Institute: Expanding Your Reach, I invited a publicist to speak on “What a Publicist Can Do for Your Book.” My intent in doing so was to help new publishers understand the value a publicist brings to a publicity campaign. Of course, at the seminar the question was raised, “Just how much do your services cost?”

Yes, publicists are expensive. However, sometimes they open publicity doors that you cannot open yourself, bringing you new marketing opportunities and book sales.

Are you wondering if you can afford a publicist for your new book?

Helen Cook of PrimeStar Publicity understands that in today’s economy many authors’ public exposure for their books is suffering due to the lack of funds available for good publicity. To help, Helen is offering an affordable, comprehensive campaign to give books the boost they need.

Helen is offering a special on her services. She will provide a 45-day publicity blitz which will include: Christian radio producers and hosts, newswire services, Facebook book review sites, book blogger sites, social media with Twitter and Facebook once a day for 30 days, and a one-month virtual book tour with about 20 stops. The objective of this 45-day blitz is to obtain interviews and reviews for an author and his book.

What is Helen charging for this service? $1,250.

Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, there is no guarantee that you will sell enough books from the publicity campaign to recoup your costs. However, as the old saying goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

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2 thoughts on “Could Your Book Use a Publicist?

  1. … Very Poor Justification of your rate. ‘Nothing ventured nothing gained’?
    What a terrible way to entice spending!
    I won’t be paying you a cent!


  2. Chris, this post was not about getting people to buy my services. I am not a publicist. Helen is a publicist that I know. She was offering an AMAZING special rate for a short period of time for Christian authors. I felt that I needed to let Christian authors know about her fabulous deal. I was not trying to entice anyone to spend anything. I would not have benefited one cent from anyone buying Helen’s services.

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