A Successful Social Media Strategy

Just how useful is social media in engaging new customers? This is the question that publishers and authors want answers to.

Gallup recently released findings from a poll they conducted in regard to this question.

People have always recommended products to each other. Gallup’s poll found that the top sources for personal recommendation are:

  • Spouse 50%
  • Other Family Member 25%
  • Friends 12%
  • Expert 11%

Only 1% of the individuals polled stated they followed a recommendation from a Facebook or Twitter business page.

What does this mean for you, a publisher or an author trying to promote your books via social media?

This study basically showed that your best social media efforts come from focusing on your existing customers. You want to engage with these people on social media so that they recommend your books to their family and friends.

Simply focusing on getting a large number of followers on social media will not necessarily help you promote your books effectively. Rather, focus on engaging your existing customers so that they recommend your products to others.

Engage your existing customers through creating content or ideas that resonate with your existing customers and encourage their engagement with you. These engaged customers will, in turn, provide the most persuasive recommendations to their family and friends (either through social media or direct contact), thus helping you gain more customers and sell more books.

Go engage your customers!

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