The Smell of Books

Amazon keeps making new e-readers. This month, they released their new tablet, Fire, as well as two new Kindles, basic Kindle and the Kindle Touch.

The number of tablets and e-readers on the market continues to grow. Along with the growth of these devices, the number of American’s using them is growing. During the past year, the number of Americans using e-readers has nearly doubled from 8% 12 months ago to about 15% now.

Individuals who use e-readers are readers. On the average, they purchase more books than print-only readers.

How about you, have you switched to using an e-reader? If so, do you ever miss the smell of print books?

Those who purchase print books know that new books have a distinct smell. Smell is a powerful sense and taps into our memory banks. If the smell of new books evokes positive emotions in you, and if you miss the smell of new books since you purchased an e-reader, I have a solution for you.

Just get the “Smell of Books” in an aerosol can and spray it on your e-reader. When the smell wears off, just re-spray your e-reader. Never again will you need to miss that new book smell, even in the digital age.

Happy smelling and Happy Halloween!


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