What Will $5.00 Purchase?

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for a bargain. Small publishers’ budgets are tight. Finding ways to run a business affordably and produce and market books is no small feat.

Many people in today’s economy are looking for ways to get what they need at an affordable rate. Others are looking to make a little extra money.

The two can now meet in a website called fiverr (www.fiverr.com).

Fiverr allows people to post what they are willing to do for a fee of $5. There are literally thousands of offers posted on fiverr’s website. Individuals offer to do anything from create a short video, to create a logo, to draw a cartoon, to paint your message on their lips and take a picture of it.

The ideas on this website are amazing. This website alone offers interesting, creative promotion ideas for $5. Here are a few:

  • I will get your website promoted with this short and unique movie for $5.
  • I will do a professional voice over for up to 1 minute for $5.
  • I will shout anything you want in a banana costume for $5.
  • I will tweet your message and link to 31,000 plus followers 5 times for $5.
  • I will send 25,000 unique visitors to your website for $5.
  • I will take 3 nice pictures of my hand painting art with your message for $5.
  • I will have my 8 year old son record a kid testimonial for any child appropriate product for $5.

The great thing about fiverr is that it is only $5. For that amount of money, you could get something really great or something unusable. However, if you don’t like what you purchased, you are only out $5.

Head on over to fiverr’s website and check out the offers for yourself.

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