Free Publicity

In my book, Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace, I state that following marketing principle:

The more channels through which consumers can purchase your books, the more books you will sell.

The first reason is that we, as Americans, want and have become accustomed to instant gratification. If we are looking for a particular product, we expect to be able to easily obtain it. Often, if we can’t, some other product grabs our attention and we purchase that product instead.

The second reason is that the more places your book is available for purchase the more exposure it receives. People only buy products that they are exposed to.

A few months ago, I let CSPA member publishers know about an online Christian retail store, DeeperShopping Christian Books, Bibles & Church Supplies, which was willing to sell their books. Not only was this store willing to sell books by small publishers, it was also offering some free publicity to go along with carrying the books.

I was surprised to recently hear from Bill Goodyear (my contact at the store) that he only had a handful of publishers contact him to get their books listed in the store.

What that equates to is publishers passing up a marketing opportunity—and a free one at that.

My motto is “never pass up a free publicity opportunity.”

If your books aren’t selling as well as you would like, I suggest you take a fresh look at your marketing efforts. Are you passing up free marketing opportunities?

Every month, Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) prints at least three free publicity opportunities for publishers in our monthly newsletter the CSPA Circular. If you are a member of CSPA, make sure you are taking full advantage of these opportunities.

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