Publishing a Book Online

I recently received an email from a gentleman from Kyrgyzstan. He told me that he had published a book in his country and was receiving tremendous responses from people who had been touched by the message of the book.

This gentleman felt led by God to offer his book free of cost to people around the world. The reason he was writing me was to find out how to publish his book free on the Internet.

Publish a book for free on the Internet. Hmmm. Let me count the ways that you can do this.


There you go. Eleven places where anyone can upload an ebook and allow people to download or read it online for free.

Of course, this does not include other websites that one can publish a full-length book on for anyone to read. Any blog platform such as,, or, could be used to publish a book for people to read on the Internet. Another option would be to build a page on and post your book there. Then, again, anyone can create a free website using free website platforms such as,,, or and put their book up on the website they create. Oh wait, there’s more. You can also upload the book to’s Direct to Kindle Publishing and offer it for free, and then head on over to and upload it to offer it on the Nook for free.

And I have just gotten started. But, in the interest of time and your reading attention span, I won’t belabor the point.

So, if you, like this gentleman from Kyrgyzstan, are looking to place a book on the Internet for anyone to read free of charge, you now have multiple options to do this.

If you are a publisher with books for sale, you can also use these free resources to market your books. Instead of putting your whole book online for free, put up one to three chapters to interest people in purchasing the complete book from you.

After all, many forms of entertainment release free chunks of content for promotion use. Don’t be afraid to put some of your content out there. Entice readers and leave them wanting more.

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Selling eBooks Worldwide

In today’s digital ebook era, world-wide ebook sales are growing. However, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and other online retailers don’t reach to all parts of the world. The number of foreign countries they sell in is limited.

If you sell digital books and are actively increasing or seeking to increase the worldwide sale of your ebooks, I would suggest that you consider a service that provides a digital goods ecommerce platform in addition to having your ebooks listed in online retail stores.

With a digital goods ecommerce service, you can still host your books on your website, but sales and fulfillment are made through the digital sales service. This service store your book files, collect the payment when a book is sold, and send a unique link for the download to each customer (helping to reduce piracy).

Two services to consider are PayLoadz and Kagi. Both of these services basically provide the same platform; however, they do differ on pricing. PayLoadz charges a monthly maintenance fee and then takes a lower percentage cut of each sale, while Kagi does not charge a monthly maintenance fee, but takes a higher percentage cut of each sale. Each service also places your product in their online store as well as allowing you to sell directly from your website, Facebook, and other online places you have a presence.

Using one of the digital ecommerce platforms to sell your ebooks has a few benefits:

  1. You don’t have to worry about collecting sales tax or value-added taxes or even staying abreast of these laws. The service does this for you.
  2. You don’t have to spend time fulfilling your ebook sales.
  3. These services offer the most secure platform to deliver ebook sales to customers, decreasing piracy and the number of stolen ebook files.

If 2012 is the year you want to increase the worldwide sales of your ebooks, maybe it’s time you checked out these services.

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The Importance of Truth

Dan Poynter is known as the self-publishing guru. His books and services help authors self-publish their books with success.

In this interview, Dan talks about writing and the importance of making sure what you write is truth. Good advice for all writers, but especially for you who seek to advance God’s Kingdom through your books.

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World Book Night

If you have not heard of World Book Night, don’t worry. Your head is not in the sand. This year will be the inaugural year for World Book Night in the United States.

World Book Night is a fascinating idea. It is a campaign that hopes to distribute one million free books across America all in one day—April 23, 2012.

You read that right. World Book Night is giving away one million books on April 23, 2012, in an effort to get more people to read.

To accomplish this, the campaign is seeking 50,000 volunteer book lovers to distribute the books on April 23, 2012.

Organizers of the event have said, “We want the book givers to reach out to new or light readers, especially in underserved places like nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and poor neighborhoods, but also in public gathering places like coffee shops and malls. And by offering a range of fiction, nonfiction, and books for teens, we believe we have great books that the givers will be passionate about handing out and that will appeal to a wide audience of potential new readers.”

Volunteers will give away books from 30 titles chosen by a panel of judges. Looking at the list of titles (which you can view here), not one of these books is a Christian book.

I think that World Book Night is a laudable idea. Giving away books to encourage people to read and promote literacy in the United States is wonderful. Here comes my but…

Think how much more powerful an impact World Book Night would have if, instead of just giving away one million free books that encouraged people to read, it gave away books that also had an eternal impact on people.

Maybe someone in the Christian community will start an Eternal World Book Night. Now, that would be awesome.

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