Selling eBooks Worldwide

In today’s digital ebook era, world-wide ebook sales are growing. However, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple and other online retailers don’t reach to all parts of the world. The number of foreign countries they sell in is limited.

If you sell digital books and are actively increasing or seeking to increase the worldwide sale of your ebooks, I would suggest that you consider a service that provides a digital goods ecommerce platform in addition to having your ebooks listed in online retail stores.

With a digital goods ecommerce service, you can still host your books on your website, but sales and fulfillment are made through the digital sales service. This service store your book files, collect the payment when a book is sold, and send a unique link for the download to each customer (helping to reduce piracy).

Two services to consider are PayLoadz and Kagi. Both of these services basically provide the same platform; however, they do differ on pricing. PayLoadz charges a monthly maintenance fee and then takes a lower percentage cut of each sale, while Kagi does not charge a monthly maintenance fee, but takes a higher percentage cut of each sale. Each service also places your product in their online store as well as allowing you to sell directly from your website, Facebook, and other online places you have a presence.

Using one of the digital ecommerce platforms to sell your ebooks has a few benefits:

  1. You don’t have to worry about collecting sales tax or value-added taxes or even staying abreast of these laws. The service does this for you.
  2. You don’t have to spend time fulfilling your ebook sales.
  3. These services offer the most secure platform to deliver ebook sales to customers, decreasing piracy and the number of stolen ebook files.

If 2012 is the year you want to increase the worldwide sales of your ebooks, maybe it’s time you checked out these services.

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