I recently read the memoir Peace Child by Don Richardson. It is the story of Don’s missionary efforts with the stone-aged Sawi people of New Guinea.

In the book, there is a quote from a missionary talking to Don before Don embarks on the mission field. This gentleman says, “You must be prepared in the strength of the Lord, to do battle with the prince of darkness, who, having held these hundreds of tribes captive these many thousand years, is not about to give them up without a fight.”

Satan does not like to relinquish a territory or area that he has in his power. He will not give it up without a fight.

I remember talking with an author a few years ago. This gentleman had written a book on prayer and listening to God’s voice. He told me that his computer crashed twice while he was working on the manuscript. One time, he had to start over, while the other time, he was able to hire someone to retrieve the work he had done. After he sent the book to the editor, he received a phone call. The editor called to tell him that she felt Satan did not want this book published. When questioned why she thought this, she stated that her computer had completely crashed while she was attempting to edit the manuscript.

Have you, or are you having a similar experience? Do you feel that there is strong opposition to a book you have or are trying to publish? Remember, the evil one does not want the message of love, hope, and peace to go forth. Maybe you are pushing against the forces of darkness.

If you are struggling, take heart. Remember that God is faithful; he has won the battle. Get down on your knees and pray your book into existence.

Take heart. Keep fighting in the strength of the Lord. God does not leave you to fight alone. He is fighting for you.

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1 thought on “Encouragement

  1. While I wouldn’t attribute 99.9% of computer problems to anything other than hardware failures, software conflicts or user error . . . however, I am absolutely convinced that the spiritual warfare so clearly described in the Scriptures remains a reality today. So, is it possible that some of these obstacles have a more diabolical source? Most certainly. But Satan’s goals are achieved far more often by the laziness of my own flesh than through overt spiritual intervention.


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