Receiving a Coveted Book Award

I know of a few publishers who have a book (or two) that has won a prestigious award. In one case, the children’s book has won three awards. Yet, for these publishers, their book sales remain dismal.

Winning a book award is not a guarantee of increased book sales. Selling books is about marketing. An author or publisher must use the receipt of a book award to increase awareness of the book to bring in sales.

I recently told one self-published author that if she would expend as much energy on promoting her earned book award as she had on applying for the book award, she would be sure to at least acquire a couple sales.

A book award does not sell your book. A book award gives your book credibility, which you can then use to sell more copies of your book.

If you have won a book award (or are hoping to win a book award), I suggest you consider the following 12 things you can do to use the bestowement of the award to promote your book to gain more sales.

  1. Send out a press release announcing that your book has won an award.
  2. Announce the award on all your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.)
  3. Send an email to your existing email subscribers announcing the award.
  4. Add the award information to the book’s website.
  5. Update all the online listings for your book (,,, etc.) to reflect that the book has won a prestigious award.
  6. Add the information to your media kit and update your author biography to state “award-winning author.”
  7. Order the award stickers from the award organization and apply them to your book covers.
  8. When you reprint the book, make sure you incorporate the award symbol on the front cover of your book.
  9. Add the book award announcement to your email signature.
  10. Put the award on your letterhead and business cards.
  11. Notify all the professional organizations that you are a member in.
  12. Hold a celebration party.

Go make the most of your book award.

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