Don’t Get Comfortable

I am finding that technology takes a lot of time. It takes time to learn new things. That is what is happening with the websites I use on a regular basis; they keep changing forcing me to learn new things.

For example, Twitter has changed its layout three times in the past two years. WordPress (where I host this blog) has changed its layout twice recently. Many of these changes frustrate me. For instance, I keep having difficulty finding my Dashboard on WordPress’ new sign-in redesign.

Just when I get used to the way a website works, the people who run the website go and change everything. My only hope is that this constant learning will prevent me from having Alzheimer’s.

Facebook is another website that frequently changes things up. Just when I get used to the “new” way they are doing things, they go and change it again.

Facebook is making another new change to their Business Pages at the end of this month. Be prepared.

First, Facebook rolled out the new “Timeline” on all Personal Profiles. Now, they are applying these “Timelines” to Business Pages at the end of this month.

The negative: With this change, businesses can no longer have a default landing tab. In other words, those “Welcome” pages that were not the Business Page’s wall will no longer be available.

The positive: The new Business Page design on Facebook allows for a “header” photo on the page to show off your business. I like this better than the multiple tiny pictures currently listed across the top of Business pages. Another new feature with the new page design is that people will be able to message you directly via your Business page.

If you want to learn more about the new Facebook Business Page design that rolls out the end of this month, you can take a short online course prepared by Facebook at

Fortunately, Facebook is still free to use and a great way to connect with both customers and potential customers.

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