Fiction & Coffee

Many publishers of Christian fiction books find marketing difficult. Fiction books don’t lend to topical platforms, author speaking engagements, and how-to or encouragement blog posts like nonfiction books do.

As a result, publishers and authors of fiction works have to find more creative ways to promote their books. One way some fiction authors promote their books is by offering one or more short stories for free. The idea behind this is that readers enjoy reading the free story and consequently want to buy a novel by the same author.

A brand new program, SIPS, is offering an interesting way for fiction authors to get exposure. SIPS is about sharing stories on the go.

SIPS has partnered with coffee shop venues to produce business cards with a QR code embedded in the card. These cards are given to patrons the coffee shops. The QR code on the card takes the coffee drinker to a short story from an independent writer that is meant to last as long as the drink.

Each SIPS card is specific to the coffee shop venue passing it out. The card contains the coffee shop’s business information as well as that issue’s author, story title, and website. The QR code on the card links the reader to the short story.

SIPS published three short stories for April. Any author can submit a story for consideration. There is a 3,000 word limit for the story. You can learn more about how to submit a story on SIPS website at

Stories that get accepted by SIPS could potentially bring an author some great exposure. Let me know if you get a story accepted by SIPS.

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2 thoughts on “Fiction & Coffee

  1. Hi, I agree that fiction writers need to really search outside the box for ways to promote their work. One way to do that is to book guest interview slots in the broadcast media to be interviewed about some of the non fiction aspects of the books background material. In writing the fiction, you probably became an expert in some period in history, some aspect of how people acted, and so on. All of this might be of interest to a wider audience. I have a post on my blog that covers this. You can check it out at OK, thanks and good luck, Edward Smith.


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