God is at Work

Lynn Hurtado is a CSPA member publisher. Her publishing company, New Lineage, published Lynn’s family devotional titled Skunk Tales: Making Sense of Scents. Skunk Tales is an award-winning book. It was a 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Spirit Award Gold Medal Winner in the Family Values category.

Lynn reports that she is not good in the marketing arena. She knows that she should spend more energy marketing her book, but finds it difficult.

Recently, Lynn suffered a heart attack and then fell and broke her wrist while starting a new post heart attack exercise regime.  As a result, she has experienced some personal and financial hardships.

Lynn recently shared with me that she was very discouraged. Knowing that God is her ever present help in trouble, Lynn invited two friends over from her church to pray over her situation and ask the Lord to intervene on her behalf. Lynn reported that her friends specifically prayed for an increase in sales for Skunk Tales.

The very next day, Lynn received an email from Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) informing her that CSPA’s foreign rights agent had secured a publisher in Korea who was interested in reviewing her book Skunk Tales as a potential foreign rights acquisition. Lynn was thrilled and encouraged. God had sent a direct answer to her prayer in less than 24 hours!

Are you facing challenges in your life or in marketing your books? If so, know that God is at work. Even now, he is working behind the scenes on your behalf.

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