Don’t Forget Churches

On Mother’s Day, I received a gift. Actually, I received more than one gift. The gift I am talking about was a gift from my church.

Last Sunday, the church I attend gave each mother in the congregation a gift. Other churches I have been a part of usually give each mother a flower on Mother’s Day. This church gave each mother a book.

You heard that right, a book.

I thought I would share this with you because I wanted to remind you that churches buy books to give as gifts. Not just a couple books, but larger quantities of books.

Many churches give books as gifts to their congregation for special events such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, Baptism, Dedication, Marriage, and even Christmas. Churches are a good venue for non-returnable book sales.

If you have a book that is perfect for mothers, fathers, infants, new Christians, or graduates, consider marketing your book to churches. Offer your book at a discounted rate (I recommend 50% off retail) in bulk for churches to use for whatever special occasion your book speaks to.

I did this for a number of years with my infant and toddler book set, Baby Bible Board Books: Stories of Jesus. A number of churches ordered them to give as gifts to new parents in the church, as a gift at baby dedications or baptisms, and one large church even ordered around 200 to give as Christmas gifts to all the families with babies and toddlers in the congregation.

Start with your own church. Offer the book to your church to use as a gift and move outward from there. Offer it to other churches in your denomination, letting them know your church is using it. Then start canvasing local churches. Give a sample of the book to the pastor or children’s minister along with information on how to order it to use as a gift for special occasions.

Books make great gifts. I know I will enjoy reading the book I received on Mother’s Day.

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