Marketing Gimmicks defines gimmick as:

“an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially one designed to attract attention or increase appeal.”

We, as consumers, are exposed to marketing gimmicks on a regular basis.

How many pads of notepaper, pencils, water bottles, and magnets do you have with company names on them? Novelty items are marketing gimmicks.

How often do you see a costumed figure holding a sign outside a pizza establishment in your neighborhood? These mascots are a marketing gimmick.

Sales are another marketing gimmick. Sales such as “buy one get one free” are designed to attract customers’ attention and their money.

Many publishers and authors also use gimmicks to attract attention to sell their books.

One new publisher member of Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) is using a very interesting gimmick to draw attention to his books.

Dr. Chris Stephens, has authored two books: The Climb of Your Life and The Plan of Your Life. Notice that he is already beginning to brand his books, “…of your life.”

For The Climb of Your Life, Dr. Stephens, attached a rock climbing tool, a Carabiner, to each book cover through a hole punched in the top left corner of the book. Dr. Stephens other book, The Plan of Your Life, has the title written on a removable CD on the cover of the book. This CD contains all the worksheets in printable PDF format from the Appendix in the book.

These gimmicks certainly caught my attention. I am sure they will also catch many potential readers’ attention.

What gimmicks have your tried in your book marketing efforts? Were they successful? I would love to hear about your experience.

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