Adding Spice to Your Marketing Efforts

Good marketing involves grabbing people’s attention. That is why shocking headline catch our attention.

Did you ever notice that often what is shared in an article is not as awful as the headline led you to believe? Journalists use shocking headlines to catch your attention. Writing a shocking book title to catch a reader’s attention is only one strategy for catching readers’ attention.

For those of you who are currently marketing a book using press releases, interviews, and blog posts, one great strategy to grab your audience’s attention is to present interesting news items, facts, or stories that tie into your book.

If you are marketing a book with a wedding theme, knowing some strange wedding customs to talk about is a great way to engage your audience. People love weird and bizarre stuff.

If you are marketing a cookbook or health book related to food, knowing weird things people actually eat can be used to gain attention. For example:

“While some Americans indulge in the practice of eating road kill, I don’t encourage my readers to get protein this way. There are many healthier methods for finding cheap protein to add to your diet. My book …”

Are you looking to liven up your next interview or blog post with interesting facts or stories? Check out This website runs lists related to politics, sports, health, history, food, and more.’s lists include many interesting lists like “10 People Who Lived After Death” and “6 Persistent Myths and Superstitions.”

Head on over to to get your creative juices flowing and add some spice to your marketing efforts.

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