Fully Booked

Great marketing requires out-of-the-box creativity. Since marketing is all about connecting people to your product, anything that makes others aware of your book is marketing.

Do you like to camp? If so, here is one unique marketing idea—a tent that looks like a book.

Image having a tent designed with your book cover. Then, whenever you went camping all your fellow campers would be exposed to your book. Just think of all the great conversations your tent would evoke, supplying you with multiple opportunities to tell people how your book can meet a need they have.

Of course, the price is steep. The Fully Booked tent featured in the above photo is 11’8″ x  5’7″ x  4’7″. It has enough room for two bookworms to sleep and costs $769.96.

Most likely, that $769.96 would be more effectively used on other marketing venues, but if you have money to burn, like to camp, and are enthusiastic about your book, this is one creative marketing idea.

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