Animated Book Covers

In August, I wrote a blog post on “Talking Book Covers.” This post had to do with a comic book company that is using QR codes and smart phone technology to create book covers that talk.

A new idea for book covers has begun to surface. With the advent of enhanced ebooks that incorporate audio and visual elements, people are beginning to feel that ebook covers may be too static.

Why not animate ebook covers using a simple animated GIF image?

The idea is really brilliant. Using an animated GIF, publishers (and authors) can create book cover images that move. Such cover art can really grab customers’ attention when they are browsing ebooks.

This new idea may eventually catch on. The biggest obstacle right not is that most online retailers don’t support hosting animated book covers on their sites.

If you are interested in creating an animated book cover for your next ebook, you can follow the instructions on Fusion Dispatches blog on how to create an animated ebook cover using Gimp.

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