Creating a QR Code Campaign

An ebook store recently used QR codes to run a unique campaign to get mobile device owners to learn about the books they offer for sale. The ebook store, Four Directions, based in Hong Kong, printed QR codes on cookies.

QR Cookies

The QR code took the mobile device owner to a free trial copy of an ebook. To increase consumers’ awareness, Four Directions distributed the cookies throughout popular cafes for one week and encouraged the businesses to hand out the cookies for free.

This campaign was titled “Eat What You Read.” After all, consumers could get the free ebook by scanning the QR code before eating the cookie.

The company reported that they felt the campaign was successful. After handing out 8,000 cookies for a total cost of about $5,000, the Four Directions reported that their website traffic increased by 45% and their sales rose by 12% during the week of the “Eat What You Read” campaign.

While you may not be willing to shell out $5,000 for a large QR code campaign, what “Eat What You Read” demonstrated was that QR codes can generate some measurable success when used in unique and creative ways.

It is worth considering how you might be able to run a creative QR code campaign to promote your next book on a smaller scale. The possibilities are really endless.

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