Technology & Selling Books

Technology just keeps advancing. The number of different devices that can now access the Internet is astounding. At first, it was just desktop computers. Then it was desktop computers and laptop computers. Now it is computers, smart phones, ipods, e-readers, and numerous tablets, and more that I may not even be aware of.

logoWith the advance of technology, one issue that comes up is how a website or an email displays on different devices. It is becoming hard to have one website design accommodate the requirements for all the various devices that can read the site.

One self-published author felt that he was losing sales of his book, because his “Buy Now” button was not straight forward enough to display prominently on all devices. Since different customers read ebooks on different devices (some on computers, some on Nooks, some on Kobo, some on Kindles, etc.), this author wanted to direct his customers to the online retail store of their choice and the ebook format of their choice. However, to do so, multiple “Buy Now” buttons for each retail store and format where the ebook was available for purchase were needed. As a result, the author found he was losing customers because how to buy his book was not clear and prominent on his site.

Out of frustration, the author, Jay Siva, developed a revolutionary “Buy Now” button widget. His EZBuyButton eliminates the frustration of losing customers at the point of sale because this one button allows customers to select their device and preferred retail store, all without needless searching.

This widget allows users to choose from among five different button styles and simply copy and paste a segment of code into their blog or website. Visitors will then see a “Buy Now” button attached to each book title. Clicking the button activates two drop-down menus—one for device selection, the other for store selection —allowing users to buy the books they want easily in their desired format and from their preferred store. The widget even geo-locates so customers are automatically routed to the retail store specific to their country.

Jay Siva is sharing his creation with other authors. You can get the EZBuyButton completely free.  Simply head on over to and sign up for an account.

I love it when self-published authors come up with creative ways to make sure that they sell more books! It’s even better when they decide to share what they have discovered with others for free!

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