Are You Competing in a Marathon?

I have never run a marathon. Twenty-six miles is not even on my bucket list of things to do in my lifetime. I have, however, participated in another type of marathon—marketing and selling the same book for ten years.


Too many independently published authors I have the privilege of talking to don’t endure the whole race. Instead, they have a spring mentality and, thus, burn out and quit the race early.

Book sales don’t come overnight. They must be cultivated. Some people are slow to warm up to purchasing a book. Remember, on average, it takes seven to twelve times of exposure to a product before a consumer decides to make a purchase. I know, I tend to be one of those slow consumers.

Two years ago, I heard an author speak at a seminar I attended. I did not buy this gentleman’s book that day, but I did add it to my list for later. Now, two years later, I have finally gotten around to purchasing a copy of his book to read.

Had this author had a sprint mentality, his book would no longer be available for me to purchase new. All that would be available would be used copies and, in that case, this author would have missed out on earning money from my purchase.

I know that I am not the only consumer who may take awhile to decide to purchase a book I hear about. Take heart, if you are an independently published author, stay in the race and you will most likely continue to sell books. Remember, selling books is a marathon, not a sprint.

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