Read an eBook Week

This week is Read an eBook Week. In fact, the whole month is eBook Month.


If you have an ebook, this week (and this month) is a great time to promote your ebook and find new readers. This nationally recognized Read an eBook Week offers many great ways to promote your book.  Here are a few for you to consider:

  1. If you have been meaning to make your books into ebooks, now is the time to do it. Make your books available as ebooks for eBook Month and send out press releases letting the media know.
  2. Offer your blog as an ebook to your readers for eBook Awareness Month.
  3. Host an ebook meet-up in your area and teach newbies how to use their Smart phone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Tablet to download and read ebooks during Read an eBook Week.
  4. Tweet links to your ebooks during Read an eBook Week at #ebookweek.
  5. Offer a special on all your ebooks during Read an eBook Week or for the whole month of March.

I am offering my blog as an ebook this month. If you wish to have all my published blog posts as an ebook for you to read at your leisure, you can download Marketing Christian Books blog at Simply choose whether you want to download this blog as an ePub file or a Mobi file. Then enjoy reading!

In addition, Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) member publisher, Sable Creek Press, is offering two of their books for free on Kindle tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5, for eBook Week. Take advantage of this special and download these books to read!

I would love to hear about the specials you are offering on your ebooks this week or month. Leave me a comment and let me and all my blog’s readers know about your ebook special.

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One thought on “Read an eBook Week

  1. The official release date of our book, Slaying Life’s Dragons and Beasts – A Practical, Biblical Guide to Overcoming Life’s Pains, Obstacles, and Addictions, is tomorrow, 03-05-2013. Ebooks can be purchased at the following locations:

    Thanks Sarah.


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