New eBook Award Program

The number of digital books released each year continues to grow exponentially. Along with the release of more books in digital format, the sales of ebooks have also increased—currently representing about 25% of all book sales.

When I revised Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace in 2009, there was only one book award that exclusively served digital books. That award, which is still around, sponsored by the Electronically Published Industry Coalition (EPIC) was simply called EPIC eBook Awards.


Shortly afterwards, a number of awards highlighting digital books began to appear. First, Digital Book World introduced the Publishing Innovation Awards (PIA) to recognize the best in digital publishing. Then, the Jenkins Group (the sponsors of the Independent Publisher Book Awards) launched eLit Awards, which seek to illuminate digital publishing excellence. Next, Dan Poynter launched his Global eBook Awards program designed to give ebooks more publicity.

Now, the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) has announced the launch of their new Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards for electronic book publishing and excellence in innovation. The Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards (BFDA) will honor achievement in electronic book publishing by individuals and organizations of all sizes, including publishers, developers, designers, manufacturers, institutions, and technology leaders.

The BFDA is a rolling awards program—submissions will be welcomed year round and entries will be judged against a standard of excellence in four categories: eBooks, Enhanced eBooks, Books as Apps and New Technologies.  IBPA will be presenting gold and silver award of excellence honorees with a suite of promotional opportunities, including announcements on IBPA’s website and all social media outlets, in their monthly magazine, The Independent, to all industry publications, and more.

The cost to nominate a title for this award is $75 for an IBPA member and $150 for a non-member. This higher cost to enter if you are not a member of IBPA includes a year membership to the organization—quite a deal since the annual membership fee for IBPA is $129.

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