Expanding Print-On-Demand Options

I am a book person. I know book publishing. Once in a while, as the Director of Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA), I get inquiries from individuals and companies who are looking to branch into magazine publishing. These people want information and resources related to publishing magazines. For the most part, I really can’t help them.


The little I know about magazine publishing can be put into this blog post. I won’t bore you with it. However, as with books and newspapers, the trend with magazines is also going digital. Magazine publishers can’t seem to sustain enough print subscribers to justify the cost of large print-runs. When you have dwindling print subscribers, the math stops adding up to a profit.

Ingram’s newest program may be the answer for some magazine publishers. The Ingram Content Group Inc. recently announced the launch of a print-on-demand program for journals (fancy word for magazines). Contending that this new program will “reshape the traditional supply chain” in journal publishing, Ingram is now extending its print-on-demand services for books to journals.

Under this new program, Ingram provides publishers with the tools to manage their print journals from file set-up to print-on-demand to delivery. Using a website, publishers can upload and manage content and subscription lists, designate fulfillment requirements, and place print orders for direct delivery to their subscribers.

Here is the neat part. Using POD for magazines can provide many of the same benefits the process does for books, eliminating overprinting and warehousing, reducing overhead, and providing improved inventory control.

Ingram’s new print-on-demand for journals program will begin this month. If you publish a magazine, you may want to check out Ingram’s new program.

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