New Genre for Books

I have not yet seen a section for this new book genre in a bookstore or a library. However, I think that it will begin to appear within the year.

New Adult

The latest genre of book types to gain popularity is the New Adult category. This new category, is a spin-off from the Young Adult category.

Booksellers recently found that Young Adult books were by-and-large being purchased and read by adults. The Young Adult category, aimed at youth 12+ years of age, has been appealing to a wide audience.

To better address and reach this older age group reading Young Adult books, publishers have begun to introduce New Adult books. These books, aimed at the 20+ crowd, contain more mature themes and are meant to appeal to this age group’s needs.

The term, New Adult, was first coined in 2009 by St. Martin Press, but did not catch on until recently. Although bookstores and libraries have not yet designated shelf space for this genre, Goodreads reports that the number of readers identifying, reviewing, and rating New Adult books has spiked in recent months.

If you are penning or publishing a book for this 20+ crowd, consider giving your book the New Adult genre label. Doing so may appeal to the younger adult age group you are trying to reach.

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