Do Blogs Influence Purchasing Decisions?

Which influences your decision to purchase a book more: an advertisement or a review?

A recent Technorati study (Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report) found that blogs hold a lot of influential power on purchasing decisions of consumers. In fact, blogs ranked third (behind retail sites and brand sites) in impacting consumers decision to purchase a product.

Consumers report that blogs rank higher than Twitter for shaping their opinions and higher than Facebook for motivating purchasing decisions.

Technorati REportIt appears consumers consider blogs to be trusted sources of information. This may be because bloggers tend to be very honest and sincere in their review of products. They frequently talk about both the negative and the positive aspects of a product, making them a trusted source of information.

Any publisher who has used Christian Small Publishers Association’s (CSPA) BookCrash blogger book review program can attest to the frankness of bloggers. Bloggers are brutally honest in their opinions of a book. One blogger will love a book and just gush accolades all over their post, while another blogger will dislike the same book and lambaste the book in their blog post.

What does this report mean for spreading the word about your books? It means to be successful at influencing people to purchase your books on the Internet you need to incorporate blog reviews (or blog tours) into your marketing strategy for your books. For, when bloggers like your book, this influences people to buy it.

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