Do you want to publish a book but don’t have the money? Raise it using Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Many authors have had success using these sites to raise the money they need to publish a book (see “A Lesson in Marketing” and “The Power of Social Media”).


Now the question is: Do you want to publish your book as an app but don’t have the money?

The answer: Raise the money using Appsplit.

Appsplit is the Kickstarter for apps. In other words, Appsplit is the new crowdfunding site for apps. In addition to helping individuals raise funds to create apps, Appsplit also allows users to connect with people who have the talent to create the apps.

Crowdfunding platforms like Appsplit help you raise the capital you need to get your idea going. However, obtaining money via crowdfunding is not easy.

First, it requires marketing. You must get the word out about your campaign and get people to buy into it. Fortunately, if you are a published author and are looking to create an app for your book, you already have a built in audience to whom you can market an Appsplit fundraising campaign. Your book’s fans may want to have a digital app of your book and may be willing to help fund it.

Second, it requires that you offer potential investors an incentive. You can’t get something for nothing. Offering an incentive, a “thank you” in the form of a reward, is crucial to inspiring people to open their wallets and invest in your idea.

A stroll through Appsplit or Kickstarter will show a number of ideas that never received funding to get off the ground. If you decide to use a crowdfunding platform to bring your idea to fruition, be sure to commit the time and energy required to market your idea to potential funders. After all, as Mark Twain once said, “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

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