Need a Holiday?

Do you need a holiday to help you promote your books? Have you looked at a listing of holidays and celebrations for each month and not found one that suits your books?

Consider creating your own.

One publisher I know, Rest Ministries, created the National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week. The books Rest Ministries creates are all geared toward people suffering with chronic illnesses. To bring awareness to this plight, as well as have a tool to minister to people with chronic illness, this publisher created a national holiday.

Crime Month

More recently, three smaller independent publishers got together and decided to launch International Crime Month. These three publishers (Europa Editions, Akashic Books, and Melville House) all produce crime fiction books.

To celebrate International Crime Month, these three publishers reached out to independent bookstores and created a month-long series of events featuring some of the top writers in the genre.

The inaugural International Crime Month will be this June 2013, kicking off on the eve of BEA. By bookending the first International Crime Month with BEA and ALA, the group hopes to gain as much exposure as possible and build the foundation for a larger event next year that will include more presses and events across the country.

All it takes is some thought, and lots of time and energy to create the national holiday you need to promote awareness for your books.

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