Is There Really Room for More?

First there was MySpace, then came Facebook, and then came a slew of other social networking sites for various interests. However, as with most competitors, a couple sites rose to the top and gathered most of the attention. In the social networking world, Facebook quickly overtook MySpace and all other sites fell to a distant heap.


A number of social networking sites for book lovers have risen over the past decade. As usual, two have garnered the most attention, Goodreads and Shelfari, with all others falling to a distant number.

With the recent news that Amazon, who owns Shelfari, recently bought Goodreads, people began asking if a new, independent, book lovers social networking site was needed.

Two new social networking sites for book lovers have recently launched. Booklikes is one. Riffle is the other one. Booklikes claims to have gathered 8,000 book lovers during its eight months of beta-testing prior to its launch. Riffle is touted to be the new Pinterest for book lovers.

Here is my question: Is there really room for one, let alone two, more social networking site for book lovers?

With over seven billion people in the world, I believe that answer is yes. Of these people, over one billion speak and read English. So, there really is room for more social networking sites for book lovers.

I think my reluctance to admit that there is room for another social site to be successful is that I keep thinking about it from an author’s perspective.

An author is just one person. She can only be in so many places before losing her mind. Yet, the marketing part of me says that to really be effective, an author should show up on all the book social networking sites to maximize her reach. The realistic part of me knows that this is not possible.

So, while there is one more social network for book lovers, don’t feel that you need to jump on it. Consider first if you have the time and energy. It is better to maximize a few efforts than spread yourself too thin.

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