Words of Encouragement

It all started with you.”

Steve had stopped by the Christian Small Publishers Association’s (CSPA) booth at the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) to say hello. He also wanted to update me on how he was doing.


Two years ago, Steve had attended the International Christian Retail Show with CSPA and had hosted an author book signing for his book and two other authors he published. He wanted me to know that the journey to where he is today had all started at that ICRS show two years ago.

Steve reported that the books he had written had been picked up by a large Christian publishing house as a result of the networking he had done at the show two years ago. In addition, he was in the process of creating a new line of books for another publishing house and had been placed in charge of acquiring authors for this new imprint—also as a result of connections he had made at that show.

Steve went on to thank me for the gateway opportunity that Christian Small Publishers Association provided him and for the seeds we had sown that had grown into fruition with his publishing endeavors.

I was grateful for the update, feedback, and encouragement from this author and publisher. After all, when I hear that CSPA is fulfilling its mission—to represent, promote, and strengthen small publishers—my heart is energized to continue leading CSPA and providing the many benefits and opportunities we do to help give small publishers and independently published authors a boost in bringing word of their books to Christians.

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