Hitting the Bull’s Eye

Everyone wants to hit the bull’s eye. Whether you are playing darts or shooting arrows, the bull’s eye is what you are aiming for. The same goes for marketing.

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Publishers and authors with limited marketing budgets don’t want to waste their precious resources on shooting random marketing arrows that may or may not hit their target audience. So, how does one ensure that your marketing efforts are landing where you want them to?

The key is to know your target audience.

At the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) this summer, CBA placed a number of banners that gave key information about various audiences so that marketing efforts could be aimed at the bull’s eye. Here are a few of the key facts for several audiences.

Boomer Women

  • She thinks “we” not “me”, so give her ways to be part of a cause.
  • She shops for others and has money to spend, so give her value and impulse opportunities.

Millennial Moms

  • They want to be recognized, so engage them personally and through social media.
  • They are frugalists and save to spend, so give them both price and value options.
  • Authenticity and transparency are important, so be real, open, and honest.

The Man-sumer

  • He is a reconnaissance shopper, so show him results.
  • He asks why it is worth the price, so give education and information.

Consider carefully your audience so that you can launch your marketing arrows at the target with the goal of hitting the bull’s eye and reeling in sales.

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3 thoughts on “Hitting the Bull’s Eye

  1. i actually see the information vital as i am a new author looking to soon start lauching my christian books.
    thanks Sarah


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