Buy a Book Day

Philip Athans, an author, thought beyond himself and his books. Not only is he interested in selling more of his books, he is interested in helping all authors sell their books.

To this end, Philip registered the National Buy a Book Day Foundation as a non-profit corporation and set about establishing “Buy a Book Day.”

Buy a Book Day

The premise of Buy a Book Day is that every year on September 7, this special day will encourage readers everywhere to buy a new book to read.

Basically, Philip hopes that by encouraging people to buy a new book on September 7, everyone will benefit. Not only will the customer will have a new book to read and a bookstore sell a new book , but also the publisher and the author will receive profits (which does not happen with used book sales).

As an author or publisher, you use this national day to reap more sales while, in turn, helping to spread the word to increase awareness of Buy a Book Day so it can grow. Let your customer base know that this Saturday, September 7, is Buy a Book Day. If you sell books direct from your website, you can offer a special sale on your books for this day. Make sure to announce your Buy a Book Day special via email to your customer base as well as on all your social network sites.

After all, we all need one another. Supporting others is what keeps the wheels of our society lubricated. And, since you are a reader, you too should buy a new book this Saturday, September 7, for Buy a Book Day!

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