Have you ever tried reading while running on a treadmill? It is almost impossible because the page jumps around too much.

Now a company has developed a solution. Their product called Run-n-Read lets you exercise both your body and mind by allowing you to read text (digital books) on a tablet while running.


Run-n-Read is a tiny clip-on device that can be attached to a headband or the collar of your shirt. It works in conjunction with an e-reader app on your tablet that tracks the movement of your head and shoulders. It then keeps the text bouncing in sync with your eyes. In order to turn pages, users simply tap the device once for a forward page turn and twice to page backwards. In addition to its reader features, the system can also doubles as a fitness tracker.

Watch this video to learn how it works.

The company that developed Run-n-Read is seeking crowd funding to cover the costs of making this device widely available. Individuals can pledge to help them reach their fund raising goal and become an early adopter of the device.

What an interesting device that potentially could help all authors sell more books. After all, the more places people can read, the more reading will occur.

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2 thoughts on “Run-n-Read

  1. Hello Marketing Christian Books, I will keep my comments restricted to 2 paragraphs maximum. Thanks so much for your blog, discovered 1 month ago. Your recent blog about the small publisher award is concerning, what is the reason for the $40 nomination fee?

    My novel, Winds Of Change, CrossBooks, will be a year old in November. Marketing has been passive, sales under 100 units to date. Do you have ideas to offer for commemorating anniversary for book titles? Thanks. David


  2. David: All book awards charge a nomination fee. It costs money to run a book award. The people who run the award must be paid for their time and there are other costs associated with marketing an award to spread the word about the award and as well as announcing the winners of the award. If you look at most book awards, you will find most actually charge a much higher fee than we do (usually $70+). We try to offer our services as cost-effectively as we can.

    Most self-published books only sell 40 to 200 titles. That is because the authors do not do enough marketing. I would advise you to read my book “Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace” ( to learn valuable ways to market your book on an on-going basis. ~Sarah Bolme


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