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October’s edition of the CSPA Circular, Christian Small Publishers Association’s monthly newsletter for its members, contains an article instructing authors and publishers how to include a personalized audio message in their print books for their readers to listen to.

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As technology advances, so do the opportunities for authors and publishers to utilize multiple avenues to reach their readers via multiple sensory inputs to enhance the readers’ connection to both the text of the book and the author. BookTrack, a new startup has recently launched an interesting new way to enhance ebooks.

Studies show that subjects reading text with sound enhancements tend to have better retention of the material they read then those who just read the material. This seems to suggest that sound enhancements—music and other sound effects—increase the reader’s focus and clarity.

BookTrack’s new software lets anyone add a synchronized soundtrack to digital text to provide an immersive, movie-like reading experience. This software is available as a free Chrome app. Authors (or publishers) can use the app to embed music, ambient audio, and other sound effects into their story. These sound effects play in synch with the storyline, paced to each individual’s reading speed.

Currently, ebooks with the BookTrack sound effect can only be published to the BookTrack website. As a result, the best use of this sensory enhancement technology might be to use this service as a marketing tool.

Authors can publish a short story or chapter from a book to BookTrack complete with sound effects. BookTrack users can then read what you have published on BookTrack with the goal of hooking the reader to purchase the complete book.

What do you think? Do you think that sound effects would enhance your books?

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One thought on “eBook Soundtracks

  1. A very interesting idea. I might like this one. I LOVE sound effects. Radio dramas are my favorite, and it would make every book more like that.

    It does sound like a lot of work though.


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