Selling Books in Nontraditional Places

Statistics indicate that the average self-published title only sells 40 to 200 copies. This number is far too often true among new publishers also.


Finding way and places to market and sell books is always a challenge—especially in a crowded book market. Creative marketing takes thinking outside the box and often selling outside of traditional book outlets (bookstores, websites, etc.).

I recently came across a list of places that authors and publishers are selling their books. I thought I would list some here to help get your creative juices flowing so you can brainstorm places you might want to try to sell your books to gain more sales.

  • Craft shows
  • Schools
  • Gift shops
  • Mom-n-Pop stores
  • Art galleries
  • Local coffee shops
  • Fairs and conventions
  • Restaurants
  • Campgrounds
  • Museums
  • School and church fundraisers
  • Service clubs such as Rotary clubs

Let your creative juices flow. What new outlet can you approach to sell more books?

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6 thoughts on “Selling Books in Nontraditional Places

  1. Marketing Christian Books, thank you for this post. Will consider some of these venues as affordable means as my novel heads into its second year of existence. Another option I am considering is getting internet radio interviews and have my first later this month! -I read some time ago that if a first-time author sells up to 100 books, they are doing very, very well. Take care and thanks. David Russell


  2. That sounds about right. The average non-fiction book only sells around 250 copies. Of course some sell more and some less, but the 250 gives you a measure to go by.


  3. Paying sales tax would depend on whether you were personally selling the books or selling them to a store to sell the books. Yes, if you personally sell the books, then sales tax is usually required. However, if you had a campground sell the books on consignment for you, then the campground would pay the sales tax.


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