Do You Have a Catchy Slogan?

Can you name which companies these slogans belong to?

marketing strategy

  • Just do it!
  • I’m lovin’ it!
  • Like a rock.
  • Have it your way.
  • Save money. Live better.

Each of these mottos is catchy. It draws you in and once you hear it enough, you associate it with a company.

Do you have a slogan (or motto) for your publishing company? If not, you need one.
For years, companies have used slogans in their advertisements. These catchy phrases tell the world what makes your brand special or different. They allow you to provide a consistent message about who you are that differentiates you from your competitors. Good slogans connect people to your mission and make it easier for them to remember your company.

The best slogans are short, concise statements that describe what your company (or brand) is about. Notice that most of the slogans listed above are just about three words long. Human memory is limited, so it is best to keep your motto short for optimal recall.

When my husband and I started our publishing company back in 2003, we decided to name the company CREST Publications. We did not choose the name based on the toothpaste. The name was actually a compilation of first initials of our family members. But, once we hit upon it, we had a great slogan. Playing off of toothpaste’s claim that it prevents tooth decay, we decided to use the slogan “Preventing Truth Decay” for our publishing company, as we are in the business of giving people truth (Jesus’ kind of Truth).

I recently noticed that a member publisher of Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) has a catchy slogan, which they include in their email signature. Grace Acres Press uses the phrase “Growing Your Faith One Page at a Time” to set their publishing company apart from others.

Slogans can be added to your email signature and placed on all your marketing materials. The more people read or hear your slogan, the more likely it is to stick.

How about you? Do you have a catchy slogan for your publishing house or brand?

[Answers—in order as listed above—Nike, McDonald, Chevrolet, Burger King, & Walmart]

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have a Catchy Slogan?

  1. Hi Sarah! I do have a slogan, not sure how catchy it is lol. It’s ” When the going gets tough…I.G.I.T” which stands for In God I Trust. I have it trademarked and just put it on wristbands and shirts to give to family,friends, homeless people and people in recovery programs. They think I should market it but haven’t a clue on how to get started. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!


  2. Nick: If you are interested in marketing your slogan by selling wristbands and shirts, you get start by developing an audience for your product. I suggest you watch my on-demand seminar “Develop an Audience for Your Books” at While the seminar focuses on authors, the information in it is useful for anyone looking to develop an audience to sell products to.

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