Self-Publishing Has Become Main Stream

According to Bowker, 40% of all books published in 2012 were self-published. That means that just about the same number of titles that are being produced by traditional publishing houses are now also being produced by self-published authors.


This trend has been on the increase over the past decade, but it grew significantly in 2012. Bowker reported that the number of ISBNs purchased for self-published books rose almost 60% in 2012.

Are you still holding out for a traditional publisher thinking that this will make you an “authentic” author? If so, think again. Times have changed.

No longer do authors need a royalty publishing house to give them the nod of approval. More and more authors are taking the reins in their own hands and publishing their books themselves. A number have even become best-selling authors, while others are making a living selling their self-published books.

Whether self-published or traditionally published the truth is that in today’s book publishing climate the author must do most of the book promotion. That’s where Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) can help you. If you have published or are going to publish a book for the Christian market, CSPA exists to help you market and promote your books. Here are just a few of the membership benefits:

  1. Monthly e-newsletter packed with industry information and tips on marketing your books.
  2. Strategic Book Marketing Plan Kit including consultation with a book marketing expert to help you develop a marketing plan.
  3. Cooperative marketing opportunities.
  4. BookCrash book review program.
  5. Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award.

You can view all of CSPA’s membership benefits here.

Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) has been helping small publishers and independently published authors market their books since 2004. In honor of the organization’s 10th anniversary in January 2014, CSPA is offering a membership special.

Join CSPA for just $85 and receive membership through December 2014. You can join today and start receiving the help you need to marketing and promote your independently published books.

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