The Next Generation of QR Codes

QR codes are everywhere. I see them on banana stickers, in coupons, on brochures, and in many other print advertising formats. Almost everyone with a Smart phone knows what a QR code is and how to use it. Just when I was getting used to QR codes, along comes another new enhanced technology similar to QR codes but with more features.


The other day, I was reading a print magazine. Many of the pages of the magazine contained a small logo that read “layar”. There was a small inset in the front of the magazine that introduced this logo and stated that the publication had been digitally enhanced through the use of layar.

The instructions for using layar were very similar to a QR code: download the app, take photo of the page using the app, and watch the digitally enhanced editions (video, etc.). Curious, I decided to learn more.

Layar is similar to QR codes. It is called Augmented Reality (AR) and it layers digital information directly on top of print items. When a page is scanned with the app, the additional information is displayed. The app has social networking integrated right into it so that users can immediately share what they are viewing with others through their social networking sites.

Layar is definitely the next generation of QR codes. However, unlike QR codes, it is not free to create. So, the good news is that the layar app will also read a QR code.

You can learn more about layar by watching this video.

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