Simple, but Effective

Over the holidays, while visiting at a relative’s house, I discovered an interesting book marketing idea.

Jesus Calling

Over the years, I have encouraged the members of Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) to use the back pages of their books to advertise other books that they have published. I have also encouraged self-published authors who may not have more than one book to partner with other self-published authors with the same target audience to exchange ads for the back pages of their books.

The back pages of a book are a great place to advertise other books by the author, other books by the publisher, and upcoming titles, as well as any tie-in products that an author or publisher may be selling.

At my relative’s house, I spied a new twist on this idea. Sometimes, authors or publishers publish a new book long after a book has already gone to print. They don’t have the option of including an advertisement for the new book in an older book’s back pages, especially if the book was produced in mass quantity.

In 2004, Thomas Nelson published a book by Sarah Young called Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence. This 365 devotional, has been on the best-seller lists for years. Then in 2012, Thomas Nelson published another book by Sarah Young titled Jesus Today: Experiencing Hope through His Presence.

I saw the Jesus Calling book sitting on a table. On the book was a sticker announcing Sarah Young’s newer book, Jesus Today.

What a great marketing idea. Do you have an older book that you are still selling? If it is an off-set book (not POD), then you can sticker these books with an announcement of a newer book either by the author or by another author writing to the same audience.

Simple, yet effective.

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