The Most Important Equations

“I thought my marketing was not doing any good.”

This quote is from a member publisher of CSPA. This publisher had been utilizing Christian Small Publishers Association’s membership benefit of distribution via STL for a book. The book had been consistently selling anywhere from five to twenty or more books each month.

No Sales

Then, the publisher decided to head in another direction and transferred the book back to the author. When this transpired, book sales stopped.

Not dropped… stopped.

After about five months of not selling any books, the author contacted the publisher concerned because his book was no longer selling. The publisher contacted me to see what my thoughts were.

I told her that I thought the change simply came from marketing. I knew that she had been doing some marketing for the book and wondered if, upon the book reverting to the author, the author had done any marketing.

This publisher’s response was that, in fact, the author had not been doing any marketing, and that she thought her marketing had not been doing any good either. In hindsight, she was able to see that her marketing was actually making a difference.

The most important equations every author or publisher should know are:

Marketing = Sales
No Marketing = No Sales

Marketing is essential in selling books. While you may not be able to trace which marketing efforts are directly linked to sales—and end up feeling, like this publisher, that your marketing efforts aren’t working—the bottom line is that your marketing efforts will add up to sales.

3 thoughts on “The Most Important Equations

  1. Hello Marketing Christian Books, I will be contacting you to see if as an author you might be able to assist me in some way to market my 16-month-old Novel, Winds Of Change, CrossBooks. Sales have been similar to the statistic you referenced in a recent blog, but I would like to keep the novel going for at least until November 2015 when it would turn 3-years-old. Meantime, I am writing short stories for a couple different publications, and or online contest. Sincerely, David Russell


  2. I agree with the article’s point about the importance of marketing. I published a new women’s Bible study, “The No-Homework Women’s Bible Study: Group Hug”, sat back and waited. You could say I was using the “Field of Dreams” marketing approach–if you build it they will come. Nothing happened. Then I read a marketing article that said the most important thing about marketing is to do something every day. It doesn’t matter what. Just something, at least one thing, every single day. I took that approach to heart and am now selling quite a few books with month over month sales increasing every month.


  3. Very good article. As an author, I agree that it is vital to continue to market your books. We may not see results right away, but giving up and doing no marketing is a sure way to fail.


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