Passion & Expertise

From time to time, I get calls from self-published authors who are looking for someone to market their books for them. These authors don’t just want a publicist; they want someone to do all the marketing. In other words, these authors just want to write and publish books, they want someone else to sell the books for them.


There are a few marketing firms that offer package marketing program for authors. However, these services are fairly pricey and most self-published authors don’t have the kind of money required to purchase these services at their disposal.

In today’s book publishing and selling world, even royalty published authors are expected to help market their books. While traditional publishing houses usually have marketing people and may provide authors with a publicist, the publisher still expects their authors to engage in helping to market their books.

An author is really the most qualified person to market his or her book. Why? Because the person who wrote the book has the most passion for the book. Passion will sell a book better than a well-crafted advertising plan. Readers connect with passionate writers.

Another reason authors are the most qualified to market their books is because the author is the expert on the subject matter in the book. No spokesperson can do the subject matter the same amount of justice that the author will be able to do in marketing the book.

If you have been reluctant to market your book because you feel you don’t know much about marketing, take heart. Marketing techniques can easily be learned. It is your expertise and passion that will shine through in marketing that will connect potential readers to your books.

There are many opportunities for authors to learn about marketing. Blogs, webinars, and books abound on marketing—including my book Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace, which lays out a plan any Christian author can follow.

If you are interested in learning more about how marketing a Christian book differs from marketing a secular book, I encourage you to head on over to the Book Designer Blog and read my recent interview there.

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2 thoughts on “Passion & Expertise

  1. As both a blogger and a bookstore owner, the one service that has impressed me is Speakeasy. I don’t know what they charge authors, but they claim to be able to generate interest online through social media. Of course, you have to be in a position to give up some print copies for reviewers, so most of the independent books available for review are in electronic formats. Another challenge is that some of the bloggers have very limited readership so it’s important to have realistic expectations.


  2. Christian Small Publishers Association has a similar service for our member publishers. It is BookCrash ( We offer bloggers books in return for an honest review of the book to generate buzz about the book online.


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