No Longer Marginalized

If you have any remaining doubts, put them to rest. Independent publishing (a.k.a. self-publishing) is now mainstream.


More than 391,000 books were self-published in the United States in 2012, an increase of 422 percent since 2007. Self-publishing now outstrips the combined titles put out by conventional publishers like Random House and Simon & Schuster, which rose to 301,642 in 2012, up 6.1 percent since 2007.

Realizing this trend, industry giants are doing more to reel in indie dollars.

First, Bowker launched SelfPublishedAuthor, a website for self-published authors. Through this site, Bowker began offering services for self-published authors including ebook conversion services and marketing services.

Four years ago, Publishers Weekly (PW) launched PW Select. This quarterly supplement to the PW monthly journal is dedicated exclusively to self-published titles, including reviews of self-published books.

Now, Publishers Weekly has just launched a new website to help self-published writers. This new website, BookLife, features services to help self-published authors with a book’s creation, publishing, and marketing.

Independent publishing is becoming the norm in book publishing. Authors like it because it often gives them more creative control and potentially higher earnings than publishing with a traditional publisher.

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