Another Review Site?

Independent author, entrepreneur, and marketing guru, Seth Godin, recently launched a new website. The purpose of this website is to help people discover stuff they didn’t even know they were looking for. Not just books, but anything sold on Amazon.

This site, called HugDug, is a place for people to share reviews about things they love. Once someone writes an impassioned review on the site, HugDug allows that person to easily post it to all his or her social media networks.

Watch this video to see what Seth Godin says about his new review site, HugDug.

With HugDug, Seth’s idea is to elevate the art of the review. Seth is also the founder of Squidoo. While this platform has been fairly successful, I wonder if HugDug will catch on. After all, why not just write the review on Amazon? Why not just share your review with your friends via social media?

On the other hand, maybe one more place to put one’s opinion on the Internet is attractive. HugDug could be one more place your books are listed. If they are, it could bring some additional exposure for your books. Maybe another review site is a good thing.

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