Does Your Book Have an Internet Presence?

With almost half of all books now being purchased over the World Wide Web, an Internet presence is essential in promoting and selling your book.

Having an Internet presence is really just about being present in many places online. The more places your book appears, the more exposure you garner for your book. The more exposure you gain for your book, the more opportunity you have of convincing people to purchase it.

I often encourage authors to check using a search engine (i.e. Google or Bing) how many places their book is appearing on the Internet. A book with a solid web presence should come up with at least three pages of results for its title.

One digital publishing and retailing platform, Yudu, is offering authors and publishers a tool to help increase their books’ Internet presence. This tool, called BookSnacking, is a browser-based feature that allows authors and publisher to distribute excerpts and samples of their book with buy-buttons anywhere online. For the price of $150 per title, Yudu will allow you to circulate your BookSnacks online via blogs, websites, and social media.

It’s a great idea, but not a new idea. BookBuzzr has been offering authors and publishers book widgets that include a preview of a book and places to purchase the book for many years. The BookBuzzr program offers a basic free widget that can be distributed on the Internet. Authors and publishers can also purchase upgraded widgets with more features if they desire.

Above is a sample of BookBuzzr’s free book widget. If $150 is not in your marketing budget and you are looking to increase your book’s Internet presence, BookBuzzr’s free widgets offer you a new promotional tool.

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