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Social reading just keeps growing. The latest innovative social reading idea has come from Intervarsity Press (IVP). This new idea, Tweetable eBooks, could start a whole new fad for ebooks. IVP has rolled out this new ebook feature with their book Teach Us to Want.

Tweet this

The way IVP’s Tweetable eBooks work is that functionality inside the ebook allows readers to tweet out, via the reader’s Twitter profile, preselected portions of a book with minimal effort. These preselected pull quotes in the text include a “Tweet This” button, allowing for single-click sharing through the reader’s Twitter feed. Each tweet includes:

  • The text of the selected pull quote.
  • A link to the book’s page on IVP’s website.
  • The author’s Twitter handle.
  • An appropriate hashtag for creating further discussion.

For this feature in their ebooks, IVP is using a “Tweet This” button. Using a button draws a reader’s attention to the fact that they can tweet a quote. Each tweet is further promotion for the book.

However, adding “Tweet This” buttons to an ebook can become burdensome because each button is an image. The more images an ebook has, the more costly the conversion costs.Small publishers and authors thinking about using this innovative technique in their upcoming books will have to weigh the cost of the additional image over the potential for added sales due to readers tweeting quotes from a book.

Another option for small publishers and authors would be to include a “Tweet This” link in the ebook, rather than a button. A “Tweet This” link would be less costly, but it also would be less eye-catching for the reader.

Either way, Tweetable eBooks are an exciting, innovative way not only to make reading more social—allowing for viral book publicity—but also as a great way to spread the Gospel message. Tweetable quotes from Christian books will serve to encourage and strengthen Christians as well as witness to those on the path to salvation.

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