Jazz Up Your Book Promotion

I spoke with an author recently who told me that his book was not selling. He stated that he knew it was because he was not marketing it. He reported that, for a while, he had been blogging and using social media regularly, but that he just ran out of ideas and things to do to continue these venues.


Has this happened to you? Has your bucket of ideas for promoting your book or posting on your blog or social media run dry?

Today, I am going to share with you one new idea that you can begin using immediately. It’s a free tool called Quotes Cover.

Quotes Cover allows you to turn any quote into a beautiful typography and picture for use on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. Any Quotes Cover you create can be downloaded as a picture file and used in print promotions as well.

Using Quotes Cover is really simple. Just type your quote into the box or search for existing quotes using a keyword. After you choose a quote, you can decide on the color, the font, and the background (even upload your own picture for the background).

This little free tool can help you add spice to your book promotion campaign. Here are a couple ideas for how to use this tool to promote your book.

  1. Use quote from testimonials and reviews of your book. Jazz them up with Quotes Cover and post them on the Internet on your social media sites, your blog, and even your website.
  2. Use tips or lines from your book. Embellish them with Quotes Cover and post them on the Internet as well.

I have already begun seeing authors use this neat little tool to promote books. You can too!

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