International Read an eBook Day

Read an eBook Week was created back in 2004 to educate and inform the public about the pleasures and advantages of reading electronically. It helped raise awareness at a time when ebook reading was just in its infant stages.

Read an eBook

In recent years, the popularity of ebooks has soared. Last year, 28% of adults aged 18 and older read at least one ebook, according to Pew Research. Today, readers can access ebooks on any mobile device, computer or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

Now OverDrive, a library and school book distributor, has launched “International Read an eBook Day”. This new annual holiday was created to celebrate and raise awareness for reading on digital devices. This year, International Read an eBook Day will be held on September 18.

On September 18, readers around the world will be encouraged to take part in this large reading event. OverDrive will celebrate the day by giving away tablets and devices every hour on the International Read an eBook Day website.

Consider piggy-backing on this day to promote your own ebook. Use International Read an eBook Day to offer a special on your ebook or to give away a free ebook to entice readers to buy another one of your books. Shadow Mountain Publishing recently used the “offer a free novella to sell a novel” technique to sell their new Young Adult fantasy book A Tale of Light and Shadow. The publishing house offered a free PDF download of a 49-page short story titled The Fool and the Dragonox, which is the prequel to A Tale of Light and Shadow.

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