Are You Using This Book Selling Technique?

As far a social media sites go, Pinterest is one that you should not be ignoring in your book marketing campaign. Did you know that Pinterest is currently the social media site that drives the most retail purchases?


Here are a few statistics to help you better understand the usefulness of Pinterest both in gaining attention and sales for your books:

  • Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, on more items than any of the other top five social media sites.
  • 47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest.
  • 80% of Pinterest pins are repined.

A presence on Pinterest can help you sell more books. Using images to draw attention to your books is one way you can use Pinterest in your book promotion campaigns.

A new term has developed to encapsulate a type of image many authors are using to promote books on Pinterest. Most of you are familiar with the term Infographic, referring to a visual image used to represent information or data. A new term, Bookographic (a.k.a. book-o-graphic or tipographic), is now being used to describe a visual image representing information on a book.

Bookographics are a great way to represent your book visually on Pinterest. Generally, a Bookographic contains a few tips from your book as well as a picture of the book’s cover and a link to where someone can buy the book.

These visual images are easy to generate. They do not need to be fancy. They can be made in almost any office software program like Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc. I used Microsoft Word to make mine (pictured here). In fact, I used just a sidebar text box to create my Bookographic for Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace.

If you are not yet engaged with Pinterest as part of your book marketing plan, I encourage you to begin using this powerful social media site to connect with consumers. If you are on Pinterest, then begin creating a few colorful and informative Bookographics to connect Pinterest users to your book.

If you have already created a Bookographic for your book, leave a link in the comments section below to your Bookographic. I would love to see it.

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3 thoughts on “Are You Using This Book Selling Technique?

  1. Thank you for the tip. I am a relatively new Christian author. My first book was published in December, 2012. I am currently adding to my Social Media presence so I appreciate your tip on Pinterest as I haven’t yet investigated it. If you would like to visit my blog and offer any feedback, I would be grateful. Whether or not you post my link here is your call. (this is not just an attempt to get it on your blog) Blessings,



  2. Joe, I am glad to hear that you benefited from my tip on using Pinterest. I wish you the best with your book. I did visit your blog. My biggest feedback for you is that I did not see an image of your book cover on your website. People love visuals. That is why pictures do so well on Social Media. I suggest you include an image of your book’s cover on your website and blog.


  3. Thanks Sarah, I do have an image of my book cover and I thought I had added it. I don’t usually say much about this, but currently I am almost totally blind, so visuals often escape me. My wife, however, does see so she often helps me in this area. (always challenges) I am a computer software programmer as well as a writer, so I can generally find my way around web site work. Actually, for me, WordPress has been a real blessing because it does much of the presentation work for me. I can concentrate on the content.
    Thanks again!



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